Visa for Nepal

You can obtain a visa before you come to Nepal or upon arrival in Kathmandu. You need only to fill in a form and pay a fee (in US dollars cash only), but it takes a bit of time at the airport after you arrive. To obtain a visa for Nepal in advance, write to one of the addresses below for instructions and a form. Fill in the form and return it with the appropriate fee, photos and your passport. If you are making a side trip to India or Tibet and then returning to Nepal, be sure to get a double entry visa. Your passport with a visa stamped in it should be returned to you by mail.
The visa regulations for Nepal are a bit complex. You need to decide what kind of visa to purchase depending on how long you plan to stay in Nepal. Visa fees are:
• 60-day single-entry: US$30
• 60-day double-entry: US$55 (useful if you are making a side trip to Bhutan or Tibet).
• 60-day triple-entry: US$70
• 60-day multiple-entry: US$90
If you have already visited Nepal within 150 days of the same visa year you must pay US$50 for 30 days.
Visa extensions cost US $1 for each day beyond the expiration date of the original entry visa.

Nepalese Embassies and Consulates

• Royal Nepalese Embassy 2131 Leroy Place N.W. Washington DC 20008 USA Tel: (202)667-4550
• Permanent Mission of Nepal to the United Nations 820 Second Avenue, Suite 202 New York NY 10017 USA Tel: (212)370-4188
• Royal Nepalese Embassy 12A Kensington Palace Gardens London W8 4QU England Tel: (01)229-1594/229-6231
• Royal Nepalese Embassy 14-9, Todoroki, 7-chome Setagaya-ku Tokyo 158, Japan Tel: (03)705-5558
• Royal Nepalese Embassy IM Hag 15 D-5300 Bonn 2 West Germany Tel: (0228)343-097
• Royal Nepalese Embassy 45 bis rue des Acacias 75017 Paris France Tel: 46224867
Other Documents
Some other items that you should carry are:
• Your passport and extra photographs
• A vaccination certificate and record of medical history
• Your insurance form (especially insure your camera)
• Travellers cheques (carry a minimum of cash)
• A US$100 bill to be used for emergencies while trekking
• A photocopy of your passport (in case of loss)