We are heartily welcome you to the land of Lord Buddha, The land of Mt. Everest, and the home of the brave Gurkha Soldiers.

Nepal the land of snow peaked Himalayas and diverse ethnic cultural heritage has been enthusiastically visited by all the opportunity to see people of a diver sifted and colourful cultured. You will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery Himalayas .the complex phisiography with in short distance and the prevailing enhancing bidiversity among the Himalayan countries. Her Borders are contiguous with India in the East, West, South and with the Tibetan autonomous region of P. R. China in the North. Nepal is endowed with a wide variety of Flora and Funa meandering rivers lakes, Glaciers, Mountains and lush green Valleys. There is something for every one. The magnificent tumble of great snow summits , the highest in the world or great ridges carpeted in alpine flowers, forest of Rhododendrons, Isolated hamlets, Village small mountain, Birds, Animals, Monasteries, Many different people and so on.

We are proud to open newly on the land of paradise. Our office name is NORTH POLE TREKKING P. LTD. It was established by team of Himalayan Sherpa people, Sherpas honour the visible and invisible Buddha rests in the clouds that surround the Himalayas, allowing wisdom and compassion to precipitate in the lives of Sherpa people. We are the people of spirit and body generous smile and hospitality, stem from great compassion. It is our faith that carries us over passes to place most consider insurmountable from our trail and homes you will become acquaint with the mountains and the mystics.

NORTH POLE TREKKING. P. LTD. is proud to offer you the following trekking programmes in the different regions of NEPAL. Our company heartfully to all the visitors to Nepal. Our programme ranges from 4 days to maximum 35 days trekking with or without organised groups. We provide detail route description, equipment recommendation, health most economical way.